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  • Willis White


Rethinking the Famous Phrase of Taking Responsibility.

A Liberating Affirmation that Actively Channels Life's Flow Towards Bankable Days Growing our Personalized Optimal Life.

I'm grateful for today's sermonette that came to me while I was having my morning coffee.

We often hear the saying the buck stops here which means taking responsibility for something instead of passing it on to others. It's about owning up to what has happened or been set in motion. Taking responsibility is important.

I started thinking about the word "stops." While it does mean taking ownership, it seems to miss the idea of actively being in control of what happens next. Then, it hit me like an epiphany.

The buck STARTS here.

With this phrase, it's not just about preventing problems like a dam holding back floodwaters. Instead, it's about actively guiding the flow of life's events, directing them towards the right path for you.

We all have busy lives with tasks we do regularly, but how often do we think about whether we're just going with the flow or actively steering ourselves in the right direction? I realized I need to spend more reflection time surveying my own map and the directions I want to head towards.

We can actively channel life's flow to make each day better, find fulfillment, feel whole, and experience happiness in simple joys closer than we realize. It's about taking ownership and coupled with being intentional going forward - the buck starts with me.

I challenge you, as I challenge myself, to think about how you'll handle life's challenges today.

Life moves like water, touching everyone it meets, and its flow is influenced by where it's channeled.

Will you just be a dam, holding back the water and avoiding problems, but feeling weighed down and stuck?

Or will you embrace a new mindset, seeing that weight as energy just waiting to be channeled to new, positive directions in your personalized version of optimal living?

Some of the energy behind the dam needs to be guided away from you to flow elsewhere, not holding you back from your goals. Other energy holds great potential behind that dam, just waiting for you to tap into to and move closer to the things that make you feel fulfilled. An active current on a directed path can lead to our greater fulfillment.

Today, I find myself inspired to apply this revised affirmation - the buck starts here - to every important aspect of my life. Challenges become opportunities. Instead of seeing things as happening to me, I see the parts worth examining how they are happening through me.

After "stopping" to acknowledge the buck of responsibility, we can start to pay the buck of taking action and actively shaping our paths. Friends, we have the power to create some of the best days ahead for us.

The buck "starts" here, and our possibilities are limitless.


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